Wednesday Nights @ IHCC

High Voltage

3 years old through 5th grade

Children's Ministry Area - downstairs from the main lobby

Games, exciting Bible lessons, small group activities. For more information, see the Children's Ministry Facebook page or email Brent Godsey.

Plugged In

Junior and Senior High

Starting in the Student Ministry gym - down the hallway from main lobby

Live band, relevant Bible teaching, games, and great fellowship. For more information see the Youth Ministry Facebook page or email Nathan Bruley.

Adult Elective Classes

For more information, email Mike Crowe.

New Classes Begin March 22

The Truth Project

Teachers: Michael Lamar & Bill Loran

The Truth Project is an in-depth series that contrasts the secular worldview with the Biblical worldview.  This series will help you more clearly see the imprint of God on all of creation and understand more fully his design for our relationship with Him, his creation, and with one another.  Some of the topics explored in this series are: What is Truth?  Who is man?  Who is God?  The presence of good and evil.  The class combines video presentation with relevant discussion.


Faith Like Abraham: A journey from belief to fully trusting God

Teacher: Mike Crowe

Faith is foundational to our relationship with God.  Without faith, the writer of Hebrews tells us, it is impossible to please God.  Too often we use the words "believe" and "faith" interchangeably.  While they may seem the same, there is a significant difference between the two.  Belief is often the act of giving mental assent or agreement to an idea.   Fatih, however, is the willingness to take action on that belief.  As the Apostle John stated, faith without action is dead.  There is no faith where there is no action.  The story of Abraham is the story of a man who began his journey believing God, but ended with a faith that fully trusted God.  This is the same journey we are on as we move from mere belief in God to an active faith in God.  This class will help us make that transition as we learn from the life of Abraham.

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