Wednesday Nights @ IHCC

High Voltage

3 years old through 5th grade

Children's Ministry Area - downstairs from the main lobby

Games, exciting Bible lessons, small group activities. For more information, see the Children's Ministry Facebook page or email Brent Godsey.

Plugged In

Junior and Senior High

Starting in the Student Ministry gym - down the hallway from main lobby

Live band, relevant Bible teaching, games, and great fellowship. For more information see the Youth Ministry Facebook page or email Nathan Bruley.

Adult Elective Classes

For more information, email Mike Crowe.

New Classes Begin January 18


Teacher: Brian Gover

Galatians is one of the clearest presentations of the gospel in all of the Bible. God justifies sinners, irrespective of just how sinful they are, if they will simply trust Christ. No self-generated contribution is necessary. This is the glory of God’s grace. It is received, not earned. It comes through God’s promise, not God’s law. It is accessed by human faith, not human works. It is a gift.  In this study we will dig deep into the grace of God to appreciate it for ourselves and share it with others.

Your Time Starved Marriage

Teachers: Mark & Julie Peach

$12 Book (books required for both wives & husbands)

The moments you miss together are irreplaceable, gone forever.  Staying connected in this busy world requires effort.  In this study you will learn how to reclaim the time you've been missing and how to maximize the moments you have together.  This series is not about being more productive but being more connected. Your Time-Starved Marriage gives you tools to feed your time-starved relationship, maximizing the moments you have together and enjoying them more than you ever imagined.  

Ecclesiastes: Finding Meaning in a World of Passing Pursuits

Teacher: Mike Crowe

$20 Workbook & Video Access

The book of Ecclesiastes offers a biblical perspective on everything “under the sun,” while teaching us the value of living with an “above the sun” focus.  Ecclesiastes teaches us that a joyful life begins when we stop our manic pursuit of pleasure and fulfillment in earthly things. Find contentment, joy, and meaningful life through a proper perspective of God, life, pleasure, and mortalityThere will be weekly reading and homework in this class.

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