Wednesday Nights @ IHCC

High Voltage

3 years old through 5th grade, 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Children's Ministry Area - downstairs from the main lobby

Games, exciting Bible lessons, small group activities.  For more information, see the Children's Ministry Facebook page or email Brent Godsey.

Plugged In

Junior and Senior High, 6:30 - 7:45 PM

Starting in the Youth Ministry gym - down the hallway from main lobby

Live band, relevant Bible teaching, games, and great fellowship.  For more information see the Youth Ministry Facebook page or email Parker Wray.

Adult Elective Classes

Sign ups have begun for our adult classes on Wednesday night!  Here is a quick list:

Letters from Dad

Mike Crowe and Bill Loran

(Men only)

Would you like to leave a legacy of faith, hope and love for your family? Letters From Dad will help you do just that. During this class you will be guided to write four letters that will bless your family. If you aren’t great with words, don’t worry. This class provides simple, step-by-step guidance to compose your letters. At the end of the class you will have written the “I Am Blessed” letter to your wife; the “I Remember When” letter to your children; the “I’m Thankful” letter to your parents, and a “Final” letter to your family. Homework will be required as you work on your letters.

Parenting Scripts

Kim Evans

(Women only)

You want to say the right thing when your children do wrong — trouble is most parents aren't sure where to even begin. Parenting Scripts is the much-needed resource for parents desperate to speak life to their children instead of defaulting to the same old words and ineffective consequences. Focusing on the most ordinary and yet troublesome areas in our daily routines, Parenting Scripts helps parents craft intentional and well thought out and prayed over words.

Homework will involve reading a few chapters each week. Parenting Scripts is available on Amazon for $16.99 new, but used copies are available at reduced cost.

The Gospel of John

Ken Imfeld

John the Evangelist began as one of the "Sons of Thunder" but was truly transformed by the love of Christ. John's gospel is generally seen as having the "highest" view of Christ, which may sound odd given that every New Testament writer saw Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world. Join us as we explore the themes and individuals that make John unique among the Gospels, and as a New Testament writer.

Lord, Change My Attitude

This class is now full, but you can still sign up for one of the other three classes.

Jim Cooper

Nothing holds us back from peace in our life more than a bad attitude. It seems like a small sin, but there is no sin more destructive. How do we keep our anger, disappointment, impatience, and jealousy from ruining our attitude? Only God can do it. This study will show us how.

This class will be limited to 13 people, will cost $10 for the material, and will require about 90 minutes of (required) homework a week.