Wednesday Nights @ IHCC

High Voltage

3 years old through 5th grade

Children's Ministry Area - downstairs from the main lobby

Games, exciting Bible lessons, small group activities. For more information, see the Children's Ministry Facebook page or email Brent Godsey.

Plugged In

Junior and Senior High

Starting in the Student Ministry gym - down the hallway from main lobby

Live band, relevant Bible teaching, games, and great fellowship. For more information see the Youth Ministry Facebook page or email Nathan Bruley.

Adult Elective Classes

For more information, email Mike Crowe.

New Classes Begin January 24

Life's Healing Choices

Teacher: Mike Crowe

Cost: $12 for the book

Pain is an inescapable part of the human experience.  Sometimes the pain we experience is physical; other times it is emotional.  Sometimes the pain results from the actions of others and sometimes it comes from our own choices.  Left untreated, pain will create wounds that fester and scars that disfigure.  Unresolved pain often morphs in behaviors, habits and beliefs that rob us of the abundant life God intends for us.  Unresolved pain can trap us in a cycle of poor choices as we look for relief in the wrong things and wrong places.


So, how can we deal with pain in a healthy way.  That’s what Life’s Healing Choices is all about.  In Life’s healing Choices, we will learn 8 specific choices we can make that will help us find God’s pathway to wholeness, growth, spiritual maturity, happiness, and healing.  Real answers, real hope, and a real future can be found—one healing choice at a time.


This class will require reading and about one hour of homework each week.

Between the Testaments

Teacher: Ken Imfeld

From the time of creation in Genesis to the end of the book of Malachi God has more-or-less an unbroken string of communication with man.  He accomplished this “to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways” (Heb 1:1).  However, this communication comes to a halt for the roughly 400 years prior to the opening of the New Testament.


So, when we begin reading in the gospels there have been 400 years of change that affected the accomplishments of God’s purposes.  What were some of these changes?  Where did some of these new people, institutions, and traditions come from?  How did these changes shape the culture that Jesus walked into.  And how might we learn from this to apply lessons to our own lives today?  In Between The Testaments we will take a dive into these 400+ years to see what we can learn and perhaps apply for today.”


No book or additional resources are needed for this class.

Watch and See (Isaiah 40-66)

Teacher: Jim Cooper


Last winter we spent several weeks in the first 39 chapters of Isaiah. It was an incredibly dramatic story of war and intrigue. The message of those chapters are so powerful for today: "God is doing away with all of the kingdoms of this earth. Do not trust them. Do not rely on them. Do not defend them."

The back half of Isaiah moves the story ahead 200 years, but once again we see that the Israelites were in a situation a lot like ours. They were God's people living in the midst of evil in Babylon. Today the church is living in the midst of great evil. Isaiah invites us to look at 2024 through God's eyes. What is he doing? What is he planning? What is our part?

This class will require about four hours of homework a week reading through Isaiah and answering questions in a packet.