Marriage Help

No marriage is perfect. It's a mix of ups and downs, good and bad. But marriage is so important. God designed marriage to be a blessing for us as we follow Christ and raise godly families.

We are dedicated to helping our church family in their marriages, and beginning in 2022 we will be doing that by focusing on these two areas:


We have selected couples in our church to be available as mentors - people to walk alongside you in your marriage, sharing their insight, providing encouragement, giving you someone to get godly direction from.


If needed, we can partner you with well-trained, certified counselors to give professional help and guidance for your marriage. If necessary, we can work with you to help cover the cost. Counseling is an invaluable step in bringing healing to a relationship.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please contact us. Your email will be completely confidential.

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