UPDATE 11/28: We are now up to $47,550! Incredible! Still three more days to give!

UPDATE 11/21: On Sunday, November 20, we collected $37,968! Way more than our goal. And we're not done! The offering will continue to run until November 30th.

It's time for our annual Thanksgiving Offering! This year we hope to raise $25,000 to divide between four of our fantastic ministry partners:

Herko Family Mission has been planting Christian churches in Jamaica for almost forty years. Over the years they have started several churches and also a school. Now these Jamaican Christians are taking on the work of discipleship themselves. Herko Family Mission is setting up an online curriculum to help Jamaicans reach and teach others in the country about Jesus, and to start churches on their own. We would like to provide $3,000 to help Herko Family Mission buy the live-streaming equipment they need to start this project.

Indian Hills picked up One Collective as a ministry partner just this year when one of our own members, Jenny Beth Cox, joined their work in Greece. Jenny Beth and her team work to bring the hope of Christ to people in the city of Athens, primarily to the homeless, refugees, and those involved in the sex trade. We hope to provide $3,000 to provide Christmas gifts for men and women employed in prostitution. One Collective will distribute these gifts next month, opening a door to share the gospel with these young people, some of which have no family or community to spend the holidays with.

The longest relationship we have with any of our ministry partners is Camp Calvary, a Christian summer camp in Washington County. Many of our kids go every summer. One of the quickest growing ministries at Camp Calvary is their Wilderness Camp, attended by hundreds of Junior and Senior High kids each summer. There is no electricity at Wilderness Camp, which is part of what makes it special. Currently the wilderness camp is lit by propane lanterns, but they would like to upgrade to solar lights. We hope to raise $4,000 to install a solar lighting system for Wilderness Camp.

Even before the recent flooding, Floyd County has been an area in rough shape. Drugs and poverty have made it a hopeless place to live for many residents there. The flooding just made it that much harder. One of our longtime partners, Crossroads Missions is based in Louisville, but have been working in Floyd County since 2006. They are now ready to hire a full-time employee to do ministry in Floyd County. We want to help Crossroads in two ways. 1) We want to provide $10,000 to go toward the salary of a full-time employee to live and work and do ministry in Floyd County. We also want to provide $5,000 to Crossroads to go directly toward flood relief.

All together we are hoping to raise $25,000 in this year’s offering. We will be taking up the offering in person in two weeks, on Sunday, November 20th. But you can give from now until the end of November directly to the Thanksgiving Offering by clicking right here. Click on the “Give,” page, and in the drop down box select “Thanksgiving Gift.”

We are also looking to collect new winter coats to send to Eastern Kentucky communities this winter. This is a big need as many residents are still homeless from the flooding. Bring coats - NEW COATS ONLY - in any size to our office during the week or to the main lobby on Sunday mornings.