America 2024

What does the Bible say about America? What does God think about the 2024 election? What is a Christian's role in this country? We go to God's Word to answer all these questions in our series "In God We Trust."

Part One - The Tripoli Problem (April 14)

Was America founded as a Christian nation?

Part Two - Gnats and Camels (April 21)

It's time for Christians to walk away from the Donkeys and the Elephants. There's a better animal for those who are serious about making this country a better place.

Part Three - Lesser of Two Evils (April 28)

We have two political parties but neither of them share our values. We have two candidates for president and neither of them are a godly choice. So how do we vote in November?

Part Four - Murdering and Meddling (May 5)

When do Christians obey the government, and when do Christians stand up to government?

Part Five - Third Option (May 12)

How do we break America away from politics and toward Jesus? Isaiah 58 shows us the path.