Update 3/28/21

The following announcement was made during Sunday services on March 28th:

My name is John Helm, and I’m a deacon here at Indian Hills.  This morning I’m here to share some great news with you as we’re finally reaching the end of the COVID pandemic.  On May 16th we will be returning to our regular Sunday morning schedule.  That means children’s ministry and nursery in both hours, classes for junior and senior high in both hours, and the return of adult Sunday schools.

Slowly but surely we’re returning to normal.  In the last three weeks our attendance has gone back up by 85 people and we’re thrilled that people are returning.  As people have returned though, we’ve had a choice to make – add in more chairs or turn people away.  We do not, ever, want to turn anyone away, and it’s our hope that more and more people choose to return.

So starting next week, Easter Sunday, we are asking everyone to wear a mask at all times while in our buildings.  Masks enable us to add in more people while still keeping everyone in our church family as safe as possible as we return to regular programming and activities.

This is temporary.  We don’t expect to need to do this for very long.  As more and more people are vaccinated this spring we feel like we aren’t far away from being back to normal.

Thank you for all of your support over the past year.  You’ve bent over backwards to accommodate the leadership as we’ve tried our hardest to make the best decisions we can, and you’ve set an incredible example during a difficult time with your love and patience.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.