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Topics will range from physical, emotional and spiritual health for yourself and your children; working on strengthening your marriage; balancing work and home life; handling social issues your children are facing as they grow; and much more.

Each month iMOMs will also offer a service project in the community.  Projects range from volunteering time at the Salvation Army; creating Journey Bags for foster children; donating food and stocking shelves at the Food Pantry; to helping widows within the church.

The monthly social events (Mom’s Time Outs) will be an opportunity to fellowship with other mothers and will be held over lunch or an evening outing at a local place in the area.

iMOMS members are not required to participate in every service project or social gathering.  However, every member is strongly encouraged to attend each monthly meeting and as many events as they can in order to build a strong community.

If you are interested in joining iMOMs, please complete the registration form and mail it to: iMOMs c/o Indian Hills Christian Church, 1200 Lexington Avenue, Danville, KY 40422.  Please see our membership guidelines for more information.  If you still have questions, please contact imoms@ihccdanville.org.