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Host Families for International Students

ScreenHunter_123 Aug. 05 08.48Centre College will have over 60 international students on campus this year.  We are looking for families who will host one or two students for the school year.  Hosting a student provides a great corss-cultural opportunity for you and the student.  The impact of the shared relationship between you and the student can be life changing.

Hosting is really simple.  Here is what is required.

  1. Commit to one school year (2 semesters)
  2. Attend a one hour training session
  3. Attend a reception “meet and greet” on Centre campus.
  4. Reach out to your student during the semester with cards, texts, etc. to see if they need anything.
  5. Invite them to dinner at your home or to a restaurant 1-2 times each semester.
  6. Take them on a fun activity or cultural experience 1-2 times a semester(trick or treat, Thanksgiving meal, church events, etc.)

Host families ARE NOT responsible for the following:

  1. House or keep students over breaks or during the year
  2. Financially support students with school or other items

Click the link below for more information on the host family program and FAQ’s.

Host Family Information